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WPN Qualifiers

During the months of October and November, we’ll be hosting four WPNQ Preliminaries at the Montreal and Toronto shops that will earn you a qualification for the WPNQ Finals. The Finals will also take place at the shop.

WPNQ Preliminaries

The Montreal Preliminary events will be help on Oct. 19 and 27 and Nov. 3 and 9.

To learn how to pre-register for the Montreal Preliminaries, go to

The Toronto Preliminary events will be held on Nov. 2, 3, 9 and 17. 

To learn how to pre-register for the Toronto Preliminaries, go to

When the dust settles on these events, everyone who makes the Top 8 will secure a slot in the 32 person Finals. Anybody who finishes one of these events with a record of x-2 or better but DOES NOT make Top 8 will be awarded $25 store credit for their stellar finish.

Top 8 players are invited to the invite-only WPNQ Finals. They will also receive an Arcbound Ravager promo at the Finals.

WPNQ Finals

On Nov. 10 in Montreal and Nov. 24 in Toronto, the 32 players who earned Top 8 slots during our four Preliminary events will battle it out in five rounds of swiss with a cut to Top 8 to see who will be headed to the Players Tour.

Here’s the prizing for the Finals:

1st: Players Tour invite + $400 travel stipend
2nd: $500 store credit
3rd-4th: $250 store credit
5th-8th: $125 store credit
9th-16th: $50 store credit

We are absolutely ecstatic to be able to bring you this kind of competitive programming at a local level. Local game stores are the heart and soul of the Magic community, and we think that being able to qualify for the highest level of this game in your own backyard is an incredible step forward for the competitive game.

That said, this isn’t just for the spikes. One of our favourite things about this initiative is that it simply helps us bring you all more Magic. So, if you’re just looking to play some Standard on a Saturday afternoon come on out. And if you’re looking to be the next great MPL star, we’ll see you there too.