Outlaws of Thunder Junction

Welcome to Thunder Junction, the brand-new frontier plane that’s an outlaw’s paradise.

Release Date: April 19

Commander Decks and Feature Cards

Immerse yourself in the world of Outlaws of Thunder Junction with the Commander Decks, designed for immediate action. Each deck not only offers a cohesive strategy but also introduces 10 unique cards never seen before, ready to bring your multiplayer games to a thrilling new level.

Step into the dusty streets with exclusive cards that capture the essence of Thunder Junction. Special Guests feature reimagined favourites with a fresh twist, The Big Score cards are curated from a special bonus sheet for that high-stakes heist feel, and Breaking News cards revive sought-after reprints, intertwining them with Thunder Junction flavor. Each card is a piece of the storyline, a fragment of the adventure, beckoning you into the heart of the Junction.