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Mercadian Masques

Escaping from Rath, the crew of the flying ship Weatherlight finds itself adrift. Grieving for their lost comrades and in need of repairs, they make their painful way to Mercadia, a city where everything is for sale. But not everything is as it seems. In the streets of Mercadia, the heroes of the Weatherlight find that more than merchandise can be bought and sold.


The long-awaited completion of Rath is approaching. The Dark Lord's plan to invade Dominaria will soon see fruition. Only the struggle for power in this artificial plane remains. Urza will not stop the Phyrexian empire. Witness the creation of his nemesis.


The Keldons have landed in the north. The Jamuraan League of City-States has put together a rag-tag defense and enlisted the help of the planeswalker Teferi. But even a planeswalker cannot by himself hold back the might of Keld.